The Universe

Dapper Dewey Photography is born out of my divorce. I know, that's dark. But I'm grabbing life by the horns... throwing myself into the deep end and I'm determined to not let life take me down.

He left at the end of May. He signed his part of the divorce papers two days after he left. My divorce settlement meeting was this past Wednesday. It all happened fast and with no reasoning. We were happy and then we were separated. 

When I came out of the lawyers office on Wednesday I was hurt - depressed over the fact that I really had lost my best friend. I opened my car door and my rear view mirror was laying on my seat. "REALLY!?", came flying out of my mouth. Then I sat down. I texted my friend because she had called while we were in the meeting. She said "the universe is telling you to not look back". She was right. He made me feel like I needed him and couldn't do anything without him. He held me back. I gave up my dance performance career to build a life with him and he abandoned it. I loved him more than anything - even more than my dogs (that's saying a lot). But my unwavering commitment to him just showed me that when I commit, I commit hard. When I love, I love hard. I can apply that in any part of my life. There will always be set backs and heartaches, but I'm a positive person. I can make it. I can start over. It's going to be hard... scary. I have moments when I miss him and miss our life together, but there's a whole part of me that I forgot and that I neglected. It's time to find Gretchen again and do what makes her happy. Photography has been that for me the past four years and I'm excited to make it a larger part of my life.

I'm really excited for people to take the journey with me.