Gretchen Hurd, photographer at Dapper Dewey Photography.

Gretchen Hurd

Let's be real. I'm a happy person... no. I mean really happy. Anyone who knows me, or even just comes into contact with me gets it immediately. "Wow, you're happy." Yeah. It's definitely my thing. I like to think that I can rub a little happiness off on everyone I meet. My energy is about as large as the happiness... that's why kids and animals are drawn to me. And it's why I can keep up with them!

A little about my background...

I've been a dancer since I was twelve and a professional dancer since I was 23. That was a long time ago. I know that I don't look like I'm out of my late 20s or early 30s, but I am. I started with ballet technique and branched out to jazz, tap, modern and hip hop. Through my study and teaching of dance I've gained the ability to read bodies. I can interpret movement to see where a subject is moving. Anticipating the shifting of weight helps me capture images of an animal in mid-stride, a dancer at the hight of a jump, or an athlete at the max of their performance. My choreographic background helps me frame subjects to form my own photographic perspective.

The past four years have been so wonderful. I've met tons of pups and families; documented trips; and captured performances, parties, and engagements. I really have enjoyed every second.

Email me at or call 304-203-3262.