Gretchen Hurd, photographer at Dapper Dewey Photography.

Gretchen Hurd

Gretchen has been a dancer since she was twelve. Starting with ballet and branching out to jazz, tap, modern and hip hop, her love of dance has given her the ability to read bodies. She can interpret movement to see where a subject is moving. Anticipating the shifting of weight helps her capture images of an animal in mid-stride, a dancer at the hight of a jump, and an athlete at the max of their performance. Her choreographic background helps her frame subjects.

After a 16 year dance performance career in Pittsburgh, Gretchen has taken her love of art, music, dance... and puppies... and turned it into a whole new career. For the past four years she's focused on dance, music, theatre, sports and, of course, Petography. She's branched out into events and graduation photos over the past year.

Who is Dewey?

In 2011, while on a walk with her dog Porter, a female Jack Russell, a male Dachshund mix popped out of some bushes excited to see them. He darted around the yard that they were in and ran into the street. After almost getting hit by a car, Gretchen scooped him up and walked him door to door to find his home. No one knew him. So she carried him to their house. Porter was not impressed with this new guy, but after two months, countless flyers and bi-weekly calls to the animal shelters, he became part of their family. Gretchen wanted to name him Dudley, but while talking to him one day she accidentally called him Dewey. To her surprise, he stood on his hind legs and clapped his hands. He was so excited. Almost as if it was his name. So that's what she called him.

Dewey is now around 13 years old. He's getting frail. He has developed corns on his front feet and it's painful to walk. And even after having a mast cell tumor removed last year, he still has all the spunk he had back when he showed up. He consoled Gretchen when Porter passes away from cancer in 2015 and has helped her welcome Parker, now a two year old Jack Russell mix. Over the last six years he's served as a model for Gretchen. She's enjoyed capturing his life changes and realized how invaluable it is to have photographs of him. With the creation of this photography company, Gretchen felt it only fitting to name it Dapper Dewey Photography for her main man Dewey. He always wears his bow tie too. Sweet Dewey-Do. Such an awesome guy. 


Book Gretchen to capture your pet. Your family. Your event. Email her at or call 304.203.3262.